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"Viagens and Videos", born anew after journeying through numerous diverse worlds, cultures, and countries, and having the privilege of meeting countless special individuals in each of these locales.

The passion for travel and crafting video and film narratives has long resided within us, and We are eager to share these experiences with all of you. In reality, as nothing in life is accomplished in isolation, especially not "Viagens and Videos," I declare that "we" aim to bring the very best of each place to you. However, we shall venture beyond what's found in tourist guides and delve deeper, revealing new insights and intriguing tips about these locations and the people we encounter in each country or visited spot. Here, you will discover exclusive information and unique suggestions! Thus, you'll be able to design a customized itinerary for your holidays based on information we provide on our website.
We are currently working on translating the entire website into Dutch and English. We're going to do this page by page and it's going to take some time.

Meanwhile we hope you find joy in watching our videos and getting to know places and people, learning about diverse cultures, and, of course, sharing good laughs and traveling with us! For Tips, Questions, and Suggestions, please reach out.
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